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Best Resources

Below is a list of some affiliated links that Synergist Movement Therapy is associated with:

Here we have our link for the fantastic Flow Massage Gun. These guns are extremely well built, comes with a 2 year warranty and sit rather comfortably within the middle range of cost, with all the qualities of a higher priced item!

Follow this link https://synergistmovementtherapy.co.uk/MassageGun and add discount code synergist20 for 20% off all their guns, Flow Mini and Flow Pro. Pick up the Mini for ONLY £136.85 and the Pro for ONLY £288.85 delivered to your door!

For a limited time both guns come with a percussion therapy course, worth £36, yours absolutely FREE with every order. A massive saving of at least £68

Here is a link to the Fundamentals Coach program by Strength and Conditioning Education, its the same one I am currently going through!

Its a great introduction to Strength and Conditioning, this is a great program for any coaches, personal trainers or fitness enthusiast etc. Learn to communicate and more importantly learn to coach. A great opportunity of progression for £90


And speaking from experience this really is a fantastic course, with a lot of information.