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“If a therapist is getting you time after time to lay on the treatment table with no plan, get off the table and walk away!


Pain outside your knee?

Knee pain   ITB Syndrome   Pain outside of the knee   Runners Knee   Pain when Cycling   Pain when Running Pain in the knee is a very common

What we doing through COVID-19

We have continued to expand our knowledge, to better understand this pandemic… To better help you, and most importantly keep you and your family safe.

tendon pain

Tricky Tendons

Tendons! We`ve all heard about them, and kind of know what they do. In the past majority of tendon pain was given the term tendonitis/tendinosis,


Tis the season to get Knotty

Take the stress out of this time of year, whether it be a gift voucher for someone. Or a cheeky treat for yourself. Stress is


September Newsletter

This month saw a few changes and additions to the business, our Swedish Massage apprentice Caroline joined the business. Caroline will qualify with her Swedish


Keeping posture in mind…

Further to my presentation I had at my therapy room at RAW Saturday. Posture plays a vital role in the everyday aches and pains we