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Finally we can open again

  Some very exciting news this week, we have been given the all clear to be able to open our doors again and see clients

You cannot just add HORSEPOWER

What would be the point in just adding a big powerful engine to a chassis that cannot handle the power? Answer: We all know how


Strength and Conditioning

We are very excited to be offering Strength and Conditioning services in 2021.   This in my opinion is the perfect combination between increasing athletic

All things Exercise and Therapy

“If a therapist is getting you time after time to lay on the treatment table with no plan, get off the table and walk away!


Pain outside your knee?

Knee pain   ITB Syndrome   Pain outside of the knee   Runners Knee   Pain when Cycling   Pain when Running Pain in the knee is a very common

What we doing through COVID-19

We have continued to expand our knowledge, to better understand this pandemic… To better help you, and most importantly keep you and your family safe.

tendon pain

Tricky Tendons

Tendons! We`ve all heard about them, and kind of know what they do. In the past majority of tendon pain was given the term tendonitis/tendinosis,


Massage in motion and moving forward…

Some important changes going forward into the new year. Some changes will be made to our massage duration and continuous development. 2019 will see the