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Performance And Injury Rehab


What is it we actually do? Sport Therapy or as it is also known Movement Therapy “is a system of screening /orthopaedic testing, hands on treatment and exercise in which a caring approach to the patient and individual needs are of primary importance. It is concerned with the inter-relationship between the structure of the body – its muscles, ligaments and joints, and the manner in which the body functions.” Movement Therapy Education 

This type of Therapy is based entirely on the person. As mentioned above, a combination of Manual Therapy, Soft Tissue Massage and Exercise Therapy can all be utilized depending on the patients needs and requirements.

The combination of all these approaches have been shown to be a very effective way to not only prevent, maintain and treat muscular/tendinous injury, pain and soreness, to restore optimal, pain free movement. Furthermore they have also been shown to aid in the reduction of pain and soreness linked to other diseases such as Osteoarthritis.

Do I need to see a Physio, Osteo or a Sports Therapist?

Short answer, it shouldn`t matter when it comes to rehab, all professions should be able to deal with Musculoskeletal injuries, rehab and exercise prescription. It all depends on the Therapist. Physio and Osteo`s have a much broader knowledge in all the other systems of the body, where a Sports Therapist is geared more towards the musculoskeletal system (muscles, bones joints, tendons and ligaments etc).

Unsure? Why not book a call with us and let us be clear and honest. We may be able to offer Movement Sports Therapy, Sports Massage or to get you to the best professional that will be the best fit for you. Click on the following link  https://synergistmovementtherapy.co.uk/book-online/?swcfpc=1to book a free phone assessment at a time and date that is most convenient for you.


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