Adaptation for optimal performance, what do we really need?

Adaptation for optimal performance, what do we really need?

Today`s post is inspired by the (like it or leave it physio) Adam Meakins. 

It arises a good point, one that I regularly point out to the countless of clients that I have have treated at the premium Boot Camp, who train literally every single day, sometimes clients will spend weeks if not months there working out from 6am to 5pm 6 days a week! And then come in with complaints of muscle soreness, fatigue, malaise, injuries and loss of appetite! 

To cut a long story or (lecture) short, ADAPTATION can only occur  once the body or mind has been sufficiently stressed, coupled with recovery can adapt. What does this mean in real life terms?

We need to push the body, mind or muscles to a point of fatigue, then give it the much needed recovery or R AND R (Rest and Recovery) to sufficiently adapt and overcome those stresses to adapt and become stronger, or more resilient. This does not mean we just need to allow the body time off from training, it means to also allow the body from all stresses, whether it be mental, or physical, for some it could mean a few days cross training, or no training at all, increased sleep, digital detox or quite simply an increase in nutrients. There is no correct way to allow rest and recovery, after all we are all different, what works for one may not work for someone else! A good example of this is one individual could do with 24 hours of rest in-between training, someone else may benefit from 36 or 72 hours. Listen to your body, let it make the decision for you, don’t be scared to “move the goal posts” either. Meaning try all forms of training, strength, endurance, cross, intermittent and find what works for you and your athleticism goals. Find the base line and build up! 

Take all into consideration, we need optimal levels of rest, recovery, sleep, nutrition and diet etc


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