All things Exercise and Therapy

All things Exercise and Therapy

“If a therapist is getting you time after time to lay on the treatment table with no plan, get off the table and walk away! They are stealing your money!” Brendan

Who should I see? Physio, Sport Therapist, Osteo or Chiropractor?

We have all heard these terms before, and its a question many clients ask who should they see? And the simple short version is it shouldn’t matter, its the Therapist that makes the difference, and not the title they hold. You get good therapists, and not so good therapists. What makes a good therapist? In my opinion:

  1. Someone who takes time to get to know their client.
  2. Has excellent listening skills.
  3. Makes their client feel at ease.
  4. Is honest
  5. Works within their scope of practice.
  6. Is up to date with research, pain education, exercise prescription….to name a few.


Not so good therapist qualities may be:

  1. Someone who constantly wants to get you to rely on passive treatments (massage, manipulations, ultrasound, dry needling/acupuncture etc).
  2. Doesn’t make time to get to know you
  3. Doesn’t listen to you
  4. Doesn’t make YOU patient centered.
  5. Does not promote exercise or physical activity.
  6. Not up to date on current research.


Now don’t get me wrong, as a therapeutic intervention some of these methods just mentioned may help reduce pain in the short term, and this is great! But in the long term patients may get reliant on these interventions and build beliefs around what is wrong with them, such as “bad posture” or “muscle knotts” and probably my favourite “out of alignment”.

This negative language starts to instill negative beliefs around what their problem may not actually be, and this starts to get them to rely on your constant intervention to aid in their pain.

I try to challenge these beliefs over time, try to educate clients that their problem may not be as bad as they originally thought, with a little load management, pain education and movement we usually get ontop of these issues. It may not sound fancy, attractive or even exciting but it gets the job done. Its absolutely paramount that if there is not a plan in place, anything achieved will have been through chance, if we cannot justify a method of treatment or exercise plan, it shouldn’t be in there!


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