As the warmer weather is upon us…

As the warmer weather is upon us…

As the warmer weather starts to set in, and we increase our activity levels. Its important to listen to our bodies and reflect on any changes, positive and negative. Underlying dysfunction could lead to injuries and further inhibit progress of ones fitness and health. Sports Massage is a great way to gauge any dysfunction that ultimately leads to injury. with different techniques and muscle/joint testing we can further narrow down likely causes such as Repetitive Strain Injury or activity of daily living and combat these with sports massage with the use of manipulation, deep tissue massage and stretches. To further aid and benefit the client we can also use Kinesiology tape to increase proprioception of a muscle and joint and greatly increase circulation to and from an area. This reduces pain and inflammation from swollen feet in pregnancy to muscle strain. Book a treatment today and find out why so many people recommend sports massage.


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