Finally we can open again

Finally we can open again


Some very exciting news this week, we have been given the all clear to be able to open our doors again and see clients face to face. Its hard to imagine that it has been nearly 4 months since we had to close our doors!

The time however, has been well spent. We continued to add new treatment modalities to compliment our services. As well as expanded our knowledge whilst doing so. We are very excited to start using cupping therapy in our treatments. We do not use this as a stand alone treatment, it is at our core beliefs that we need to help people help themselves, through knowledge and education. W e have seen too many therapists, apply the cups, and leave the client on the couch for 30 mins, come back and take the cups off… This is an extremely passive way to apply treatments, and they are not using it to its full potential, this applies to any other form of treatment as well.=, whether it be acupuncture, massage or ultrasound.

Instead we believe that they need to be used as part of a treatment plan, or simply part of a plan. There is nothing wrong with just wanting a massage, heck it feels nice, but with most things it has its limits. We need to capitalize on the short pain free break that the modalities provide, and bridge the gap with exercise or movement to get people stronger. This helps build a more robust individual, to cope better with everyday activities.

So what can cupping do?? If we use massage as a comparison. We are compressing the bodies tissues by way of pressing down into the soft tissue, cupping, as you may know, has an alternative approach. It essentially sucks the skin and underlaying soft tissue away from the body, allowing a decompression effect to take place, allowing more room for movement, and potentially lowering pain as the nerves (if compressed) will have more room around them. Is this better than massage, no absolutely not, the same as massage is not better than any other form of manual therapy.

Its just another way to provide a different stimulus to reduce pain, it may work for some, and not for others.


We have also had a slight face-lift in the clinic, and the Motiv8 gym. Firstly, some slight changes within the therapy room, Much needed new lighting, the lights before were, admittedly were a bit too clinical, we have added recessed lighting, to provide a more softer direct light, whilst saving the eyes, and added new mood lighting for the quieter, more relaxed sessions.  e have also changed the flooring, this will ensure the room stays a good temperature, more sound efficient and warmer underneath the feet!


That’s it for now, we eagerly await your enquiries and return to us.


Keep strong


Synergist Movement Therapy


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Finally we can open again

  Some very exciting news this week, we have been given the all clear to be able to open our doors again and see clients