Keeping posture in mind…

Keeping posture in mind…

Further to my presentation I had at my therapy room at RAW Saturday. Posture plays a vital role in the everyday aches and pains we may feel, and a problem I see on a daily basis. The problems arise from the daily battles with physiological, physical and mental stresses we place on our bodies, coupled with improper, and quite frankly lazy mechanics we use to deliver daily chores, at work or home. Let me explain, just as an exercise. How many of us slouch sat in front of the computer, hours of endless driving with arms in front of us, hamstrings and hip flexors shortened? Soon this becomes the norm and the body adjusts leaving a path of destruction and dysfunction which inevitably leads to injury if not addressed.

This applies to most professions and lifestyles if not all of them!


Just have a think of all the repetitive movements we do in a day, painter and decorator, mechanics and engineers, to name a few. Constantly repeating the same movements in awkward positions.

Sports Massage is a key element to recognising the dysfunction (aches, pains and tension). And rectifying these problems returning the tissues and muscles to a normal length to minimise the chances of injury. Sports Massage is not just for the athletes amongst us…we all wouldn’t mind driving a sports car, even though we not all racing drivers!! This form of manual therapy helps from a little old lady wanting to get beans off a top shelf to a seasoned professional. Make an appointment and see what we can do for you.


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