Tis the season to get Knotty

Tis the season to get Knotty

Take the stress out of this time of year, whether it be a gift voucher for someone. Or a cheeky treat for yourself. Stress is a major contributing factor to trigger points, commonly known as “knots” Don’t let it get you tied up…


What is a trigger point? These little rascals can be highly sensitive irritable palpable points on the body, that can cause a lot of pain. There are no actual knots in there, it just feels like it. Although their true nature is uncertain, the usual explanation is that a trigger point is a small patch of tightly contracted muscle, imagine a micro cramp within the muscle. That small patch of muscle chokes off its own blood supply, which irritates it even more. Trigger points can be really tricky, where it hurts does not necessarily mean where its coming from.

As trigger points can cause a host of different sensations, and can refer pain, which can be tricky to desensitise them. The science and explanation behind them is rather disappointing. Not much of medicine is dedicated to the research of trigger points “Trigger points are medically neglected because medicine has always had many much bigger fish to fry” (painscience.com). I think this brings up a valuable point! If there is no money in it the medical system is not really interested. An interesting fact was brought to my attention, that muscle is the largest organ in the body, complex and vulnerable to dysfunction, and the ā€œprimary target of the wear and tear of daily activities,”

At SYNERGIST MOVEMENT THERAPY, we do our best to get clients back to doing what they love pain free, with a host of treatments to choose from, we have just what you may need. Brendan is our Soft Tissue Therapist, trained in Sports and Remedial. Brendan looks at the muscular pain we may feel, which may be due to our activities of daily living, and RSIs (repetitive strain injuries). techniques such as Trigger point therapy may be used to combat the fore mentioned problems, coupled with Deep Tissue Massage to lessen chronic pain.

As Brendan continuously strives for self improvement in his chosen field, he is progressing into the field of Sports Therapy. So what is it? Its an aspect of healthcare that is specifically concerned with the prevention of injury and the rehabilitation of the patient back to optimum levels of functional, occupational and sport specific fitness.

Swedish massage has recently been added to our growing list of therapies, as Caroline is now fully qualified and insured. Swedish Massage is the “classic” massage that we think of. Its very relaxing and de-sensitizes the central nervous system with long gliding strokes. with the constant stimulation of our busy lives, diet and stresses. We all could really benefit from just doing NOTHING and let someone else do the work!

Its Important to note that any massage or Soft Tissue work carried out will only help with symptoms, we need to look at what is causing the symptoms and work on that separately as part of a corrective exercise plan. I find the 2 really work well together.


Gift vouchers make a perfect gift! Why not treat someone this Christmas to something that they may not do themselves. And help them stay pain free.


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