What we doing through COVID-19

What we doing through COVID-19

We have continued to expand our knowledge, to better understand this pandemic...

To better help you, and most importantly keep you and your family safe. We have completed the above certification through the World Health Organization, to better understand not only this virus but the way in which viruses work, and how we can further prevent infection. 

We already had thorough cleaning schedules in place, such as:

  • We only ever use 1 towel per client
  • We draped the bed with paper towel to provide a clean surface and barrier between the patient and the bed
  • All tools are sterilized before and after every client, including the therapists hands
  • All surfaces were wiped down at the start and end of the working day
  • Floors were cleaned daily, washed and swept
  • We will remove the couch cover, to be better able to clean the couch before and after every patient with disinfectant wipe
  • Patients will be asked to sanitize their hands on arrival to the clinic
  • All soft furnishings will be removed to allow for better cleaning
  • We will continue to use our own towels, to better control the cleaning and control of such items
  • Patients will be asked to keep their belongings with them, or to store them in a box
  • We will allow longer between patients to air the room and to allow time for cleaning
  • Before your appointment a Covid 19  consultation form will be sent out to you, this needs to be filled in before your appointment, your temperature will also be taken before entry into the clinic, along with some questions and documented on your notes
  • Your Therapist will be in their PPE at all times (guidance depending)
  • There is some evidence to suggest that if your Therapist is in a full face shield that you do not need to be wearing a mask, so this is your choice to wear one, although it is our recommendation to wear one

We look forward to welcoming clients old and new

Runners knee - plantar fasciitis - Shoulder pain Massage - Soft tissue therapy - Arthritic joint pain - Tennis and golfers elbow - muscle/tendon/ligament pain - Sports injuries - Runners knee - IT Band syndrome - Tendinopathies

Sports Therapy - Sports Massage - Deep tissue massage - Pain and Injury management - Performance improvements


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