You cannot just add HORSEPOWER

You cannot just add HORSEPOWER

Don't just add Horsepower

What would be the point in just adding a big powerful engine to a chassis that cannot handle the power?

Answer: We all know how that will end? So what do I mean? 

If an athlete or person cannot control their movement patterns with just their bodyweight, why would you want to get them stronger and more powerful? The increase in strength and potential athletic qualities will be at a waste, as they cannot utilize that power as the ability, control and stabilization is not just there yet?

Therefore would it not be best to get the simple but broad foundation better? By getting the basics right we can build on that, think of it this way, the broader/wider the base, the higher the peak. 

Every individual will be different, and that is why we must treat them as so, I have seen far too many personal trainers with the “cookie cutter approach”. The same old exercises given with the same old results. 


A great post by Science for Sport suggested the following:

“Rather than getting clients to Move More –> Move Well –> Move fast” Their podcast can be found on their website posted on January 18th 2021 Optomizing Movement For Human Performance.



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