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Sports Massage


Sports Massage is a form of manual therapy.  Its a hands on treatment that involves the manipulation, mobilization that can help to rehabilitate the soft tissue such as muscles, tendons and ligaments, to improve flexibility and circulation to “release” tension in tight muscles. It does this by changing the sensation we feel at that part of our body, giving the impression that the muscles feel looser. This works by manipulating the Peripheral Nervous System. This can benefit in many ways such as reducing pain and increasing sense of well-being. 

Sports Massage is a Deep Tissue Massage with advance techniques added to the treatment, this may include stretching and trigger point therapy. 

Sports Massage can be described as a natural performance enhancer as the therapy looks to improve the state of soft tissue by increasing local blood flow to the area, increasing awareness of the site, contributing to optimal performance.  This therapy works on everyone from athletes to the sedentary. It should NOT be painful, but some discomfort may be felt. 

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Deep Tissue Massage